Ahad, Jun 22, 2014

Blitzing Zodiac

Now remember... if you're blitzing for loop... you can't blitz for zodiac... so finish zodiac first before looping.. or the other way round.... 
When you click on zodiac.. you'll get the last zodiac you've done... now click the previous button so you go back to Aries.. which is the first one.

Click on Aries and then choose BLITZ... do not choose enter.. it's going to be a pain in the ass fighting 3 mobs over and over again.

There's only one button and 1 attempt... so.. click on Let's Blitz

You can either do
3. Look at the timer and yawn
4. Become a VIP4 + and click clear CD.. we don't have to wait for the timer
5. Click the back button and do other things and come back after a minute.

Easy, no?

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