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Zara's formula

You have discovered 602 of 17105 alchemy formulas.
57 of your 602 discovered formulas need 5 jars.
Page 1
lidekufup     INT +5, saves -5, hp +4, hitroll +2
                oak, felt, lead, redstone, slime
vikzi         spellpower +2, CON +4, slow
                china, white dragonscale, malachite, jade, red dragonscale
pazebewa      moves regen rate +1, saves vs breath -1, WIS +3, AC -8
                china, pine, rock, gut, redstone
kijipdam      saves vs breath -4, CON +4, WIS +3, detect magic
                oak, sand, amber, moss, red dragonscale
romofa        mana regen rate +1, holypower +1, flying
                warpstone, rock, moss, gold dragonscale, ceramic
bopova        detect invis, saves vs maledict -1, DEX +5, saves vs spell -2
                oak, coal, electrum, gut, ceramic
cu            saves vs transport -5, spellpower +2, DEX +4, saves vs breath -2
                electrum, moss, ruby, emerald, onyx
viribiri      double weight, AC -8, STR +5, saves vs breath -1
                gem, sand, acid, malachite, moss
duwzujijcet   spellpower +2, infrared, saves -4, hp +13
                oakwood, malachite, electrum, earth, redstone
silpesru      damroll +3, mana +2, recovery, saves vs spell -2
                china, pine, coal, titanium, emerald
lodurugo      holypower +1, saves vs breath -1, saves vs spell -4, saves vs transport -3
                pearl, gut, titanium, ceramic, onyx
goto          saves -4, saves vs maledict -5, moves +2, spellpower +1
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                elm, pinewood, corundum, moss, slime
sowazdekal    mana +6, DEX +3, moves regen rate +1, saves vs maledict -5
                warpstone, blue dragonscale, rock, jade, red dragonscale
wapa          holypower +1, sight +2, flying
                maple, amethyst, pearl, ash, bamboo
bofarnapbi    CON +3, AC -4, invisible player, holypower +1
                amber, gut, opal, bamboo, ceramic
cejzonin      mana +7, hp +12, mana regen rate +1, STR +3
                white dragonscale, light, corundum, redstone, gold dragonscale
pumelupu      AC -8, saves vs spell -1, saves vs maledict -4, hp +15
                amethyst, white dragonscale, jade, ash, onyx
luwfekakcu    WIS +5, spellpower +1, saves -1, burn proof
                gem, warpstone, acid, blue dragonscale, gut
lostifebi     slow, saves vs spell -2, WIS +4, CON +1
                blue dragonscale, gut, opal, pottery, silver dragonscale
vakubkiso     sight +2, hum, slow, saves vs breath -4
                pine, white dragonscale, light, felt, bamboo
nupisu        INT +2, curse, mana regen rate +1, saves -3
                warpstone, lead, pottery, titanium, onyx
jugi          saves -4, saves vs maledict -2, pass door, mana +2
                china, pinewood, earth, jade, titanium
forvosku      INT +1, AC -7, burn proof, moves regen rate +1
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                balm, blue dragonscale, amber, gold dragonscale, black dragonscale
kewe          mana regen rate +1, DEX +4, saves -4, AC -4
                maple, oak, felt, lead, malachite
lokijodde     curse, saves vs maledict -3, CON +1, AC -5
                blue dragonscale, redstone, ruby, red dragonscale, gold dragonscale
lat           damroll +3, hitroll +1, STR +2, detect invis
                pine, gem, amethyst, oakwood, silver dragonscale
nanenuga      hp +15, saves -5, saves vs maledict -5, infrared
                pine, felt, pottery, moss, emerald
vomanimvaw    mana regen rate +1, AC -7, moves regen rate +1, detect good
                oakwood, jade, titanium, moss, blood
pergiv        STR +4, detect evil, saves vs transport -5, holypower +1
                oak, amethyst, pinewood, opal, titanium
tani          mana regen rate +1, detect evil, hp +13, damroll +3
                maple, pinewood, green dragonscale, oakwood, bamboo
gutezac       AC -6, infrared, moves regen rate +1, mana regen rate +1
                maple, white dragonscale, sapphire, ruby, gold dragonscale
mededi        hp +12, saves -4, saves vs maledict -4, WIS +1
                amethyst, green dragonscale, blue dragonscale, lead, ash
tuklalonok    AC -4, recovery, mana regen rate +1, saves vs transport -1
                gem, pinewood, malachite, moss, adamantium
cigu          cannot remove, hp +9, glow, saves vs spell -3
                balm, acid, ash, ceramic, black dragonscale
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betwu         saves vs transport -1, double weight, saves -3, WIS +4
                white dragonscale, red dragonscale, silver dragonscale, adamantium, onyx
gibzi         hitroll +3, damroll +3, saves vs maledict -1, holypower +1
                china, corundum, blue dragonscale, ruby, black dragonscale
pifuv         AC -2, damroll +3, invisible player, spellpower +2
                balm, green dragonscale, acid, red dragonscale, gold dragonscale
jofnugiz      mana +12, damroll +2, saves -3, AC -2
                balm, green dragonscale, acid, oakwood, pearl
bezivumu      saves vs breath -1, moves +5, flying, sight +2
                maple, amethyst, pinewood, coal, moss
mekik         DEX +3, saves vs maledict -2, mana regen rate +1, sight +1
                balm, green dragonscale, coal, amber, bamboo
bipeg         CON +4, moves +12, hp +2, saves vs maledict -4
                lead, rock, opal, redstone, moss
jevebe        holypower +1, mana +2, damroll +3, STR +4
                gem, felt, electrum, jade, ash
nate          invisible object, damroll +3, sight +1, DEX +3
                pine, maple, coal, bamboo, red dragonscale
bedako        moves regen rate +1, double weight, hp +5, moves +8
                white dragonscale, felt, redstone, titanium, slime
wiza          INT +5, AC -5, saves -3, mana +6
                lodestone, acid, gut, moss, ruby
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donuna        invisible object, saves vs maledict -4, spellpower +2, saves -4
                light, acid, bamboo, blood, onyx
kes           hp +11, DEX +3, STR +4, moves +3
                gut, gold dragonscale, blood, onyx, black dragonscale
jacag         hum, DEX +3, pass door, mana regen rate +1
                rosestone, china, elm, pinewood, silver dragonscale
tefel         recovery, hum, damroll +3, moves regen rate +1
                earth, gut, redstone, ash, red dragonscale
gamiduzu      hp +15, spellpower +2, mana regen rate +1, saves vs spell -2
                pinewood, light, oakwood, amber, rock
fikilenel     spellpower +2, mana regen rate +1, moves regen rate +1, WIS +2
                elm, lodestone, light, malachite, jade
nofolowev     saves vs breath -3, sight +1, AC -2, double weight
                green dragonscale, rock, gut, moss, red dragonscale
fomicce       damroll +3, saves vs maledict -3, hp +3, saves vs spell -5
                maple, green dragonscale, pearl, red dragonscale, silver dragonscale
tupocbuwag    cannot remove, saves vs maledict -1, mana +5, spellpower +2
                maple, warpstone, gut, ruby, blood
cag           immunity to lightning
                amethyst, white dragonscale, rock, pottery, red dragonscale
wuvi          immunity to disease
                china, balm, felt, earth, ash
vecpudima     immunity to energy
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                china, elm, lodestone, earth, onyx

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Jumaat, November 01, 2013

Oh man...

This post is not related to Darkmists at all...
At the age of 36, I have a crush on Adam Levine
Enough said
I don't even want to talk about it.