Ahad, Jun 22, 2014

Eternal Spire

Well.. this is the eternal spire explained when there's NO ETERNAL SPIRE EVENT. Normal setting. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD... COMPLETE ELITE BATTLE FIRST BEFORE YOU START THE ETERNAL SPIRE... THANKS.
I would almost always click on let's go first... just to see whether I still CAN'T clear the level... just to be sure you know. The higher level you can clear the better... so.. please.. check on it once a day. You never know if you're going to get lucky.

1. If the level you're currently on is the HIGHEST you can go.. exit and go to the BLITZ section
MAX out your attempt
2. Press sweep

 Of course.. if you have nothing better to do.. you can wait and look at the timer.. BUT.. if you're like me.. better use the time for other stuff like gemology..

NOW, during the Eternal spire event.. the strategy is different... follow these steps:
First day:
1. Do elite battle
2. Click let's go on the Manual Blitz.. check if to see if you can clear the level
3. Exit
4. Go to the blitz section, max out your attempt and press sweep.. and click the X to exit
5. DO NOT OPEN Eternal Spire again until after reset
Result: You won't be getting any bonus for first day.. not even the glacial wolf bonus since technically.. you did not finish eternal spire.. so your attempts won't even be counted.

After reset (i.e the next day).. Second day:
1. Click on eternal spire
2. Let the timer run from the day before... so automatically you have 3 trials (from the previous day)
3. Again, check manual blitz... and exit
4. Go to the blitz section.. max out your attempt and press sweep
5. You can wait.. or click X to exit and do other things
6. When the timer is done... come back make sure all the attempts are done
7. Do elite battle
8. Go to hot events
9. Voila.. collect the bonus of 6 attempts which is equivalents of 700 runestones like in the picture above

So think.. if you do it the normal way... you get 100 runestones bonus each day.. which means only 200 runestones for 2 days. BUT.. during the eternal spire event... you get zero bonus on day 1 AND 700 runestones bonus on day 2 which is a WIN.

BUT.. if there's no Eternal Spire event in Hot Event.. it's back to normal.. of course. You won't be getting any bonus anyway. :P

Blitzing Zodiac

Now remember... if you're blitzing for loop... you can't blitz for zodiac... so finish zodiac first before looping.. or the other way round.... 
When you click on zodiac.. you'll get the last zodiac you've done... now click the previous button so you go back to Aries.. which is the first one.

Click on Aries and then choose BLITZ... do not choose enter.. it's going to be a pain in the ass fighting 3 mobs over and over again.

There's only one button and 1 attempt... so.. click on Let's Blitz

You can either do
3. Look at the timer and yawn
4. Become a VIP4 + and click clear CD.. we don't have to wait for the timer
5. Click the back button and do other things and come back after a minute.

Easy, no?

Blitzing the loop

If you play league of angels... you have to complete 50 loops in which it's divided into one of these 3:
1. clearing an area
2. buying some herbs
3. talking to some mobs

Now I think 2 and 3 are easy and you won't be using any stamina BUT.. you don't have to enter battles whenever you need to complete number 1. Here how it goes.

1. Click on the quest... in this loop, it's asking you to clear Lok Bridge
2. Make sure you choose blitz instead of enter

 Then you can adjust the plus button according to the loop and click let's blitz

3. You can always press back if you want to do other things
Click Clear CD only if you're VIP4 and above.. you don't even have to wait
BUT.. if you're a glutton for punishment.. you can just wait up and look at the timer.. like in 7