Ahad, Jun 22, 2014

Blitzing the loop

If you play league of angels... you have to complete 50 loops in which it's divided into one of these 3:
1. clearing an area
2. buying some herbs
3. talking to some mobs

Now I think 2 and 3 are easy and you won't be using any stamina BUT.. you don't have to enter battles whenever you need to complete number 1. Here how it goes.

1. Click on the quest... in this loop, it's asking you to clear Lok Bridge
2. Make sure you choose blitz instead of enter

 Then you can adjust the plus button according to the loop and click let's blitz

3. You can always press back if you want to do other things
Click Clear CD only if you're VIP4 and above.. you don't even have to wait
BUT.. if you're a glutton for punishment.. you can just wait up and look at the timer.. like in 7

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